Leggings or Yoga pants

Leggings or Yoga pants

If you have been practicing yoga or pilates for some time, you already know the general benefits of an hour of stretching and meditation. Among the most important are flexibility and muscle toning, but also mental relaxation, the calm that reduces the level of cortisol in the body.

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To have a successful yoga session, it is very important to have the right equipment. What is suitable equipment? The answer would be simple: light clothes that offer you the necessary comfort for each asana.

Here's what you shouldn't wear to yoga classes:

Overly loose clothes:

- T-shirt and very wide pants

- T-shirt and very tight pants

Leggings or yoga pants?

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The classic white yoga pants have high compression in the area of ​​the buttocks and thighs and are wider towards the ankles. Although they have a greater reputation than modern tights, the number of those who use them is low, they being preferred especially by professional yogis. Yoga tights are the popular and modern alternative.

Why? Here are some of the advantages and characteristics of yoga tights:

- yoga tights come in different combinations of colors and multicolored models, being created to offer style and depth to the outfit

- they have a light compression applied to the entire surface of the material, offering ideal comfort for stretching exercises

- the very light and soft material allows your skin to breathe - the combination of polyester/nylon with spandex/elastane offers high elasticity and quick drying

- because they are very elastic, they can be used on almost any occasion you have to do sports, whether you are cycling around the block or going for a weekend run in the park.

To keep in mind:

Not all leggings are elastic!

- 100% cotton tights. Even cotton is a light material that allows the skin to breathe, has no elasticity and retains water resulting from perspiration. Cotton tights are not recommended for stretching or other exercises.

- 100% polyester tights. They dry quickly and repel moisture, but they are stiff and do not offer the elasticity needed for stretching exercises.


Before buying tights for yoga or pilates, observe the following:

- check the thickness of the material, it should not be very thick

- check if the material becomes transparent when stretched (if the leggings are squat-proof)

- try before buying to see if the tights slip during the exercises. If you buy them online, see the site's return policy to offer free shipping

- buy leggings with a combined material never with a percentage of 100% polyester or nylon. The combination can be polyester and spandex or polyester, cotton and elastane.

- don't buy leggings that are very tight. You won't be able to use them in a yoga class and it's possible that the seams will break.

- don't wear baggy sweatpants to a yoga class. They are not comfortable and will make you uncomfortable during different positions.

Hope that we have helped you with some ideas and tips to buy the right leggings and wish you pleasant relaxation at your next yoga or pilates session.

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