7 Rules to increase muscle mass correctly

7 Rules to increase muscle mass correctly

Increasing muscle mass is a process of adapting the body that starts from a stimulus, so that our body has to adapt to new conditions. This process is called hypertrophy, more commonly understood, an increase in muscle mass.

The duration of the muscle mass development process is generally a long one with different variations depending on the level of each one. Thus, for a beginner a period of 3-4 months is sufficient for the appearance of visible results, while for a person with a balanced lifestyle who has the sport incorporated in the daily routine, a period of at least 8-9 months is needed.

In order for the entire process of muscle mass development to be successful and to have the results we want, it is necessary to take into account the following aspects:



1. Stimulate the muscles by progressive loading.

Stimulus is the point that determines the body's adaptation by force. The training performed during this period is performed by a progressive load and is not based on pumping (repetitions with low weights).



2. Choose compound exercises.

The recommended basic exercises are the compound ones and not the isolation ones. Thus, in the case of a leg workout, the central exercise you need to focus on is knee flexion (and not leg flexion). Knee flexion moves an entire group of muscles, while flexion will work only the main muscle (quadriceps) which will take over the entire function.

Compound exercises have a special role because they contribute to a synergistic development of the whole body, thus giving a well-proportioned aesthetic aspect.


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3. Execute slowly.

Muscles grow when they are tense for longer periods of time. The lifting and lowering tempo of the weight can affect the result of the training, so for the increase of the mass (hypertrophy) we have to do the movements slowly.


4. Train your muscle group frequently.

For a good development of muscle mass it is necessary to train a single group 2 times a week. Training frequency is essential because effort is often the trigger for this process. It causes a so-called "destruction" of the muscle because it is followed by an inflammatory process.

5. Find out what are your daily caloric needs.

Nutrition also has a special role so that in order to have the desired results you need to know your maintenance level so that you can later add a caloric surplus. Caloric requirements must be based on a balanced ratio of such macronutrients so that carbohydrates and proteins have the highest ratio. Protein, through its structural role is the basis for the development of mass, and must be between 1.3-2g / kg. 


6. Respect the hours of sleep.

Rest has a very important role in increasing muscle mass because without it recovery would not be complete and would lead to an alteration of the whole process. If you do not get enough sleep, your body does not have time to recover, develop muscle and burn fat. Generally we need to sleep 7-8 hours every night.


7. Consider it as a job.

Muscle growth is a process that is based on consistency and will take you 24 hours, 7 days a week. Even on recovery days, you can't take a break from eating healthy and getting a good night's sleep. To get the results you want you have to consider this whole process as a job.


The process of increasing muscle mass requires dedication and consistency to achieve the desired results. It won't be easy, it will seem like an eternity, you will probably get discouraged at some point, but you have to be patient because these things really work.

by Diana Todoran

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